Flashback: The Continental Look

Posted on January 6, 2012

A reader from Greece recently asked for help in identifying the neckwear in this vintage picture of the acclaimed bouzouki player Gianni Stamatiou aka Sporo.  It is actually a variation of the continental tie that snaps together in the back rather than in front, much like a ladies choker.  It’s still available from at least one Australian company and one American company.

The musician’s tuxedo is a great example of the Continental Look I described in an earlier post on 1960s formal fashions.  The same narrow trimmed lapels and false cuffs seen on his jacket can be seen in the image below from the Playboy archives – a fitting source for fashions from the Mad Men era.

Another trend associated with this look was the semi-peaked lapel seen in the 1955 ad below, the earliest reference to the Continental vogue that I know of.  This particular After Six tuxedo came in a choice of “imported mohair or Skinner spotlight silk” with optional detachable sleeve cuffs of self fabric.

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