Up Close: The Detachable Collar

Posted on July 7, 2012

The exquisite attention to detail I mentioned in my review of Brooks Brothers’ authentic full-dress waistcoat and shirt applies not just to the garments but to the peripherals too.  In particular, the accoutrements associated with the detachable shirt collar.

Collar studs. (wikimedia)

First there are the collar studs which come in different sizes corresponding to their function: a shorter one attaches the rear of the collar to the shirt while a longer one is required for the front in order to fit through the overlap of both the tunic and the collar.  They are cleverly (and considerately) designed with hinged heads that allow them to be more easily slipped through the stud holes.  Also unlike shirt studs, they often feature a bone or mother-of-pearl backing to avoid marking the skin as brass is wont to do.

Vintage collar box.  (Black Tie Guide)

Then, at the conclusion of an elegant night on the town, a gentlemen can employ a beautifully handcrafted vintage “collar box” to store said collars. Equivalent containers for studs were also available as a space-saving alternative to their original (and often equally exquisite) jewelry cases.

1920s stud box of sterling silver with solid gold stud handle and velvet lining. (eBay)

Like so many other hidden features that contribute to the successful execution of proper White Tie, these accessories will never be seen by onlookers.  Despite this – or perhaps because of it – they are likely to instill a sublime sense of satisfaction in the wearer, elevating the simple act of getting dressed into the skillful art of attaining perfection.

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