2012 Emmys Red Carpet

Posted on September 24, 2012

(Getty Images)

Well-dressed men were few and far between at this year’s Emmys, making their Black Tie finery shine all the more.

Host Jimmy Kimmel, one of only a handful of men with the foresight to wear a waist covering. (Getty Images)

Satirist Stephen Colbert (Getty Images)

Jim Parsons from “Big Bang Theory” (Getty Images)

Jon Hamm in Giorgio Armani (Getty Images)

Ty Burrell of “Modern Family” (Getty Images)

Late night host Jimmy Fallon (also seen at top of page) exudes Rat Pack swank in his Lanvin tuxedo. (FameFlynet Pictures)

In between the good and the bad were some interesting variations on the classic tuxedo.

Aziz Ansari of “Parks and Recreation” (Getty Images)

Winner of Outstanding Leader Actor, Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” (Getty Images)

Then there was the banal majority clad primarily in (ridiculously skinny) long ties and poorly fitting suits.

“Breaking Bad”‘s Aaron Paul demonstrates why low-waisted trouser cuts are meant for jeans, not suits. (Getty Images)

Actor Adam Driver’s oversized jacket was in good company on the red carpet. (Getty Images)

Carson Daily exaggerated his giant jacket with miniature lapels and tie (which he couldn’t even bother to knot properly). (Getty Images)

“Games of Thrones” co-creator David Benioff models another take on  unkempt formality. (Getty Images)

Kevin Costner just seems to have completely given up.  (Getty Images)

Is it me or is Tom Berenger wearing a rental tuxedo?  (Getty Images)



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