Reader Role Models: Vancouver Verve

Posted on January 7, 2013


It is always rewarding to hear from readers who say that The Black Tie Guide has been instrumental in assembling their proper formal outfit.  Even more satisfying is seeing pictures of the final results.  I want to start sharing some of these real-life stories as an inspiration to others.  They are irrefutable proof that a man does not require professional stylists or unlimited income to successfully execute black tie.  All he needs is the commitment to learn – and follow – the basic rules.

For the premiere installment I am delighted to present an anonymous reader from Vancouver who used the Guide as a shopping list for his impeccable ensemble.  The tuxedo is tailored from John Cooper worsted with grosgrain lapels, the shirt is marcella and the faille bow tie is from Thomas Pink.  The classically styled waistcoat is also custom tailored based on a description and illustration from the Guide.