Reader Role Models: Finnish Finesse

Posted on January 29, 2013

(Photo by Jacob Åberg)

(Photo by Jacob Åberg)

Inspiration from Finnish reader Jonas Åberg . . .

I do not remember exactly what inspired me to go out and buy a tuxedo in the first place. Where I live, you rarely see them and practically never have proper opportunity to wear one. I just thought that a tuxedo was the epitome of elegant and I wanted one even though I knew it would sit in my closet for most of the time. I do, however, remember that the Black Tie Guide was instrumental in helping me getting it right.

What I really wanted was a midnight blue, single breasted tuxedo with peak lapels. I only managed to find one of those but it had flap pockets and double vents. I ended up getting one with a shawl collar and had it tailored to fit perfectly. I actually think the shawl collar was a better choice after all, as it is slightly less formal, making it stand out just a tad bit less when I am surrounded by people in regular suits. Naturally I also got a cummerbund and a self-tie bow tie while I was at it. The saleswoman tried selling me a red cummerbund bow tie-combo but I knew better.

I have worn it exactly twice; once at New Year’s Eve and once to an opera gala. Not only did I feel like a million bucks, I also got a strange feeling of being elevated into a gentleman. Even though I don’t get to wear it as often as I would like to, just having it there is a great relief as I know I am ready if and when I do need it.


(Photo by Jacob Åberg)


This post is part of an ongoing series showing real-life examples of how to successfully execute black tie. If you’d like to share your your own success story please drop me a line.