The Black Tie Guide: Now With 50% More Visitors!

Posted on April 5, 2013


It’s been a year since I last reviewed traffic statistics for The Black Tie Guide so I thought I’d take a look at what’s been happening since then.

The most dramatic change is the amount of traffic, climbing from a previous all-time high of 55,000 monthly visitors to a new milestone of 81,000 visitors per month. That really blows my mind considering that the site has remained virtually unchanged for the past two years.

And what are those visitors looking for? Black tie etiquette. Even more than before, the most popular search terms leading people to the site and the most popular pages on the site point to a very specific interest in the dress code rather a general interest in the tuxedo. This indicates to me that in spite of our informal society this formal dress code remains a going concern in many people’s lives.

Not surprisingly the top geographic sources of this traffic remains constant: 50% are from the US, 17% are from the UK, 5.5% from Australia and just over 4% are from Canada.

In breaking down the US and UK demographics, the gender split for both went from an even split to a slight male majority and the proportion of readers without kids at home in each country is even greater than the year prior. Unchanged is the fact that the UK audience continues to skew a little younger and a little more affluent than the US. One new statistic I noticed this year was that 67% of American visitors have a university or grad school education versus 58% of British visitors.

As for the blog, it continues to attract people more interested in current trends than traditional etiquette. Of the 10 most popular posts, four are related to red carpet ceremonies and three to James Bond.

As I was compiling these statistics it occurred to me that last month was the fifth anniversary of the Guide’s first edition.  It’s been very satisfying to watch my little project take on a life of its own and I look forward to seeing what the next five years have in store!

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