Ambassadors of Black Tie

Posted on April 8, 2013


(Courtesy of Patrick Harris)

I often receive e-mail from readers filled with gratitude for The Black Tie Guide’s role in introducing them to the timeless pleasure of conventional black tie.  I like to point out to them that I am equally grateful for the role they are now playing as black-tie ambassadors to the world at large.   While the Guide itself may influence thousands of people each year its audience is exclusively those who already had a desire for proper instruction.  The people influenced by the Guide’s fans, on the other hand, are the misinformed and the oblivious that populate the world at large.  Its much akin to spreading the black-tie gospel among sartorial heathens. Every time a black-tie aficionado arrives at a swank gala or formal cruise night properly dressed he manifests the tuxedo’s awesome potential.  Fellow guests who figured they could get by with an poorly fitted or styled rental, clownish accessories or a simple business suit are brought face to face with incontrovertible proof of just how wrong they are.

It’s particularly rewarding to hear from young aficionados because the future of the tradition lies with their generation.  The following is a perfect example of one such young man, pictured above:

My name is Patrick Harris, and I’m a third-year student at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. I’m writing this message as a thank-you for the guidance that The Black Tie Guide has given me over the past few years. Since my first year I’ve worn a tuxedo annually at our winter ball and intermittently as a member of a private society on campus. As an undergraduate at the only school in Toronto where (to my knowledge) the tuxedo makes a regular appearance, your insight and knowledge have proven to be of great use in assembling evening attire. I don’t think I can stress enough the confidence and comfort I feel amongst my peers when getting dressed up, thanks in no small part due to The Black Tie Guide.

I’m only beginning to assemble a formal wardrobe; nonetheless I’m very happy with what I have and look forward to many years of black tie to come! Keep up the amazing work!

You’re welcome, Patrick.  And thank you.

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