A New Take on Rentals

Posted on June 5, 2013


A few months ago I was contacted by the young owners of a start-up business aiming to provide quality tuxedo rentals in the US by mail.  Their company is called The Black Tux and their business model is to offer higher quality rentals than mainstream renters at a lower cost.  They include free shipping (both ways) (US only) and deliver the garments a full week in advance of the event.  My initial thought was that the fitting process would be a stumbling block but they’ve got that covered.  Customers can either get measured by a local tailor or they can follow the site’s detailed yet easy-to-follow instructions on how to measure themselves (complete with video demonstrations).  Then if for some reason the tuxedo doesn’t fit correctly when it arrives, the company will refund a portion of the cost to have it altered by a local tailor or they may even be able to send a replacement.

It’s great to see a tuxedo rental company emphasizing quality and traditional styling to its customers rather than just focusing on price and novelty.  And judging by the amount of business they’re doing the concept seems to be catching on.  They were even featured in this month’s GQ.



February 2014

I tried out Black Tux’s rentals for myself and was very impressed.  Check out my review here.