Reader Role Models: Open-and-Shut Case

Posted on October 30, 2013

Stephen Ozcomert

Presented for the black-tie jury’s consideration is the case of Stephen Ozcomert, an attorney from Decatur, Georgia.  To look his very best at formal affairs and when performing on stage as a part-time classical singer, Mr. Ozcomert employed The Black Tie Guide and the knowledgeable staff at Custom Clothing of Atlanta to commission a made-to-measure three-piece tuxedo.  Said tuxedo features the following details:

  • classic peak lapels
  • single-button closure
  • flap-less besom pockets
  • grosgrain facing
  • low-cut evening waistcoat of matching grosgrain
  • impeccable fit

To complement the dinner suit, Mr. Ozcomert further obtained a custom-made formal shirt from the aforementioned tailors, wholecut calfskin oxfords by J.M. Weston and a self-tie faille bow tie by Robert Talbott.

I enter the photo above into evidence as exhibit A and rest my case.


This post is part of an ongoing series showing real-life examples of how to successfully execute black tie. If you’d like to share your own success story please drop me a line.