Masculine Mystique: The Female Perspective

Posted on January 15, 2014

I rarely ever think of women’s impressions of the tuxedo until I’m actually wearing one.  On those occasions I’m frequently caught off guard by my outfit’s appeal to the fairer sex.  My last cruise was a case in point.  Being complemented by ladies when dressed up on a formal nights was not unexpected but when the accolades continued the following day (including being singled out in an elevator) it really underscored the garment’s impact.

In a similar vein,  when I was chatting with some co-workers about tuxedos once (as I am wont to do), a female colleague made an offhand remark about liking the outfit for all that it implied.  Curious to explore this feminine perspective further, I asked the women in my company (all four of them) what the tuxedo represented to them whether good, bad or indifferent.  As their aged ranged from early 20s to late 40s, many of them had never seen a man in formal wear outside of friends’ weddings.   So for them the tuxedo was something viewed only in the context of TV and movies.  Regardless, there were some universal opinions among the group.

Not surprisingly, they all considered the tuxedo to be sexy.  When I asked whether it was any more or less appealing than a regular suit we began to get to the crux of its appeal: its specialness. Its relative rarity compared to everyday suits made it more visually impactful and more suggestive of a special occasion.  In fact, to see a man in a tuxedo outside of a black-tie context suggests there’s a story behind the attire and that naturally equates to intrigue.

The co-worker most experienced with tuxedos also noted quite astutely that men carry themselves differently when wearing it.  All if which supported the premise I offer in the Guide: “the conventional dinner suit remains unparalleled among modern garments in its ability to transform a man and inspire an evening”.

I’d be very interested to hear other women’s opinions.  Please feel free to share your comments below.

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