New Direction for The Black Tie Blog

Posted on August 28, 2014

Nieuw Amsterdam shuffleboard

As I approach my 5oth birthday and The Black Tie Blog’s third anniversary, I’ve decided to shift gears and spend more time on living life and less on reporting it.

Even with a modest output of six or seven posts per month, the blog still requires a significant amount of research and writing time.  Once that’s combined with ongoing correspondence with Guide readers, occasional freelance journalism and lecturing, and various Guide-related special projects there’s not much time left for a personal life.  So I’m going to focus only on what’s most beneficial to the general public and most likely to compensate me for my time, starting with the eBook version of the Guide (which is already underway).  Future blog posts will be limited primarily to red carpet coverage as that is always a popular topic and a great way to keep abreast of formal fashion trends.  Fans of the black-tie minutiae previously covered by the blog will have to satisfy themselves with the 230+ past posts contained in the  archive.

Looking forward to once again having time to stop and smell the roses . . .



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