Suit Yourself: Panther vs. Lobster

Posted on October 18, 2014

(Tyler Anderson / National Post)

(Tyler Anderson / National Post)

Readers of my red-carpet reviews are well aware of my disdain for the short and skinny suit styling (formal or otherwise) that’s been so popular recently.  Today’s National Post has a pithy debate on the subject by advocates of the three different fits: tight, loose, and somewhere in between.  The best comment is from the moderate who describes the effect of low-waisted trousers, short jackets and a shrink-wrapped fit as fragmenting the body instead of unifying it into a sleek whole as a suit is intended to do.  He sums up the contrast as “the difference between looking like a lobster or a panther.”  What an apt analogy.

Tellingly, the advocate of the skinny suit is unable to offer any aesthetic benefits of his preferred style.  Perhaps he finds the marine crustacean look to be a flattering one.

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