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Correct Details of Evening Clothes

July 4, 2013


Here’s an interesting look back at the “correct details” of evening clothes circa 1940 courtesy of Esquire magazine.    While some of the advice is specific to that particular period  the vast majority of it remains pertinent to this day. (Click on the images for larger versions.)

Review: British GQ’s “A Black-tie Invitation from Henry Poole”

November 1, 2012


British GQ’s latest guide to Black Tie couldn’t be more English, drawing as it does on the sage advice of Henry Poole tailors.  It is Savile Row through and through, including the preference for grosgrain lapels over satin, waistcoats over cummerbunds, marcella shirts over pleated and turndown collars over wing. At times like this I […]

Rapper Pitbull Promotes Classic Black Tie

January 1, 2012


Like many other North Americans I watched parts of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve special during last night’s festivities.  The highlight for me was seeing Pitbull (the rapper behind the hit “Give Me Everything”) perform not just in a tuxedo but in classic black tie.  Friends assumed I would be perturbed by his untied bow […]

Midnight Blue: “Blacker than Black”

December 20, 2011


Ten years ago I assumed, like pretty much every other North American under 60, that proper tuxedos had always been black.  It was only when I began researching my first tuxedo purchase that I discovered there had once been an alternative called midnight blue which was considered the ultimate in formal elegance. Like the term […]

Plaid Tidings: Holiday Black Tie

December 5, 2011


The holiday season is upon us which means it’s time for dressing up. Not only do black-tie charity galas peak around this time of year but it’s also become the last bastion of private black-tie parties.  This became apparent as I was researching historical menswear magazines and noticed that as the century progressed formalwear articles […]

A Striking Impression: The “Deep V”

December 1, 2011

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When a man walks into a formal affair the first thing that identifies his black suit as a tuxedo is the accompanying black bow tie.  And the first thing that identifies his tuxedo as superlative is the broad white V of exposed shirt front. This inverted triangle is a perfect confluence of sartorial ingenuity.  The […]