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Buttoned Up

August 15, 2014


When I first wore my first three-piece tuxedo a while ago, I took every opportunity to unbutton my jacket and proudly display the sartorial elegance of my classic evening waistcoat.  Returning from the event, I reviewed the evening’s photos only to realize that this practice made the overall outfit look less sophisticated, not more so. Historical fashion […]

Dress in the Dominion: Historical Canadian Etiquette

July 24, 2014


The historical paucity of genuine Canadian etiquette guides originally led me to wonder how much my ancestors’ sense of propriety was effected by our culture’s most predominant influences: our British founders and our American neighbours. If the content of the Toronto Reference Library’s collections is any indication, U.S. publications were clearly the preferred choice whether […]

Dude, Where’s My Jacket?

March 31, 2014


You know that guy at a formal party who takes off his jacket the first chance he gets? Don’t be that guy. At least not beyond high school.  Boys can be forgiven for doffing their coats at formal teenage parties, partly because it’s a practical choice when dancing up a storm and partly because it’s understood that at this age a suit is […]

Formal Lapel Pins

March 13, 2014


There’s been a subtle yet noteworthy change to the tuxedo images on the Brooks Brothers site: a United States flag pin has been digitally added to the lapel of all but one of the jackets.  (It appears that the Great Gatsby model’s historical authenticity won out over national pride.)   Which begs the question, are lapel […]

Behind the Scenes at the NAIAS Charity Preview

January 23, 2014


After attending the Charity Preview of the 2014 North American International Auto Show last week I spoke with the show’s Executive Director Rod Alberts for some insight into North America’s largest annual black-tie event.  It turns out that his views on the dress code are much the same as mine. But first, a bit of […]

Western Tuxedo Etiquette: A Right Proper Gentleman

December 19, 2013


Further to yesterday’s post on western tuxedo attire I thought I should touch on the corresponding etiquette.  Now, there’s no specific rule book when it comes to this subset of formal wear but there are plenty of longstanding general conventions that can provide a very sound context for when and where it would be appropriate. […]

White Tie at the Holy See

March 22, 2013


It’s rare enough for White Tie to be worn to any diplomatic occasion these days but rarer still to see it worn as per Vatican protocol: in broad daylight and with a black waistcoat.  The replacement of the usual white waistcoat may well be related to the proscription of white dresses at papal audiences for any woman other […]