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Straight Laced

October 22, 2014


A long time ago I came across a reference to the fact that few men know how to properly lace dress shoes but I just rolled my eyes figuring “how big a difference does it really make”?  Well, when it comes to formal shoes and flat silk laces, quite a bit of difference actually. In my defence, […]

The Suspender / Cummerbund Conundrum

May 20, 2014


Black Tie Guide visitors occasionally ask me if it’s okay to wear suspenders with cummerbunds. My first thought is “why don’t these people bother reading the Guide before writing?”  My second thought is “why do so many people assume these two articles are mutually exclusive?” I suspect that a general unfamiliarity with the cummerbund leads many to equate it with a belt because of […]

How to Iron Your Tuxedo

January 30, 2014


Steaming vs Pressing I have long been a fan of using a home steamer to remove wrinkles from my suits.  It’s so much quicker and cheaper than having them professionally pressed.  Apparently though, it’s also much more damaging. I recently stumbled across a couple of posts on menswear forums by a tailor who provides a […]

Cleaned and Pressed

January 27, 2014


So you’ve invested in the perfect tuxedo and perfect formal shirt, debuted them at a wonderful black-tie evening and now it’s time to have them cleaned.  You might well assume that your usual dry cleaners are a safe bet if they do a good job with your regular suits and shirts.  Not necessarily.  Formal attire […]

Immaculate Whites

February 17, 2012


Back in the 19th century white shirts, waistcoats and neckcloths were a subtle mark of a man’s wealth because the only way to keep them pristine in the dirt and grime of everyday life was to change them often which entailed a significant laundry bill. Flash forward to the 21st century and it would seem […]