Tuxedo Park Autumn Ball 2014: The Ball

November 1, 2014


Tuxedo Park was the epicentre of New York’s social calendar each fall, the highlight of which was the Tuxedo Club’s Autumn Ball. This prestigious affair marked the beginning of debutante season and the very first occurrence in 1886 is also said to have witnessed the American debut of the dinner jacket. While the date of […]

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Tuxedo Park Autumn Ball 2014: The Park

October 31, 2014


After so many years of writing about the fabled American debut of the dinner jacket at the exclusive Tuxedo Park Autumn Ball it felt surreal to actually participate in the latest incarnation of this historic event this past weekend. My visit to “the Park” (as many residents call it) was a fascinating peek into the […]

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Straight Laced

October 22, 2014


A long time ago I came across a reference to the fact that few men know how to properly lace dress shoes but I just rolled my eyes figuring “how big a difference does it really make”?  Well, when it comes to formal shoes and flat silk laces, quite a bit of difference actually. In my defence, […]

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Suit Yourself: Panther vs. Lobster

October 18, 2014


Readers of my red-carpet reviews are well aware of my disdain for the short and skinny suit styling (formal or otherwise) that’s been so popular recently.  Today’s National Post has a pithy debate on the subject by advocates of the three different fits: tight, loose, and somewhere in between.  The best comment is from the moderate who describes the effect of low-waisted […]

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A Tom Ford Tribute

October 7, 2014


Next to the James Bond franchise, menswear designer Tom Ford has been the most influential promoter of classic formal wear in the new millennium. Ford began his career in 1986 and just four years later joined the faltering luxury goods company Gucci which was then on the verge of bankruptcy.  His early success in the fashion house’s womenswear line led to […]

White Tie in Vanity Fair

October 1, 2014


This month’s issue of Vanity Fair features Robert Downey Jr. in full dress on the cover and in one of the photos for the accompanying article.  There is no reference to the outfit other than to say it is supplied by Giorgio Armani.  However, it’s nice to see it done correctly in light of the turndown collar […]

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White Tie & Tails: Men’s Formal Wear for 1936

September 30, 2014


Originally posted on witness2fashion:
Correct Formal Dress for Men, from 1936 Delineator Magazine If you’re wondering why a site devoted to everyday fashion is featuring “white tie, top hat and tails,” it’s not just because I love old Fred Astaire movies. The 20th century was often a more formal place than the 21st century.…

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